Our team has an experience of more than 25 years in the field of Research and Development projects and services

Design & Development solutions

  • Custom systems, equipment and applications design and development.
  • Electro-mechanic instruments,
  • Small production
  • 3D CAD design and development by CNC laser
  • Additive manufacturing –  3D printing in plastic & metal
  • Software development / Web design

Technical & Legal consulting

  • Optimizations for X-ray non-destructive investigations setups, data acquisition, reconstruction
  • Support in obtaining certifications and authorizations from The National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control (CNCAN)
  • Level 2 operators and Level 3 certified expert

Academic & Education

  • Organizing courses and trainings in the field of X-ray imaging applications;
  • Training of operators in the field;
  • Training of students from technical faculties and physics faculties / Internships.
  • Lab guided tours for pupil, students and adults

Non-destructive X-Ray applications / investigations

In our laboratory we employ different state of the art control methods for a wide range of samples ranging from tens of micrometers to several hundreds of centimeters. We address both top level research and industry applications

X-Ray Tomography & Fluorescence

  • Morphological and compositional characterization of advanced materials;
  • Characterization of pores in various materials;
  • Development of novel materials / nanomaterials for bio-imaging;
  • Investigations for various types of composite materials;
  • Comprehensive analysis for additive manufactured samples – plastics / metals;
  • Qualitative and quantitative determination of sample constituents by X-Ray fluorescence


  • Visualization of microdefects (cracks, inclusions);
  • Checking the structural integrity of the components of complex devices;
  • Porosity analysis to determine the quality of welds and solders;
  • Analysis of scraps in production – root cause determination;


  • High precision 3D geometric measurements;
  • Characterization of production by analyzing the differences between designed and produced parts;
  • Rapid prototyping and reverse engineering

Automotive & Aerospatial

  • Electro vehicles (EV) batteries / battery modules investigations;
  • Engine block inspections;
  • Various electronics quality assurance;
  • Vast experience in developing complex X-Ray imaging systems for automotive industry (eg. Audi, Toyota, Eurocopter, EADS etc


  • Support in forensic investigations of governmental bodies

Cultural heritage & Industrial exploitation sites

  • Artefacts investigations
  • Support in explorations for fossil hydrocarbons
  • Analysis of samples extracted from exploration sites

Life sciences & Medical devices

  • Irradiation of biological samples (cells, blood, small animals);
  • Tomography of small animals and development processes (seeds germination, etc);
  • Study of living matter – small animals, seeds, etc.;
  • Non destructive analysis on stents & mechanical cardiac valves


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