X-Ray Microtomography Laboratory


  • 3D modelling of miniaturized samples;
  • percolation and pore network connectivity in porous materials;
  • density variations, micro-cracks formation by mechanical/thermal cycling;
  • high magnification microradiography for in-situ inspection.
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X-ray micro-tomography facility specifications

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Combined 3-D X-Ray microtomograph and microbeam fluorescence system
Overall performances:
Spatial Resolution ≈ 20µm
Density Resolution > 1 %
Probe Dimensions:
Diameter < 40 mm
Height < 200 mm
Reconstruction time ≈ 5 min
Spatial Resolution ≈ 20µm
Thickness Resolution ≈ 2 % of total layer
Probe Dimensions: 100x100 mm2
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Space resolution benchmark

Micro Resolution Chart for X-ray (0.4-15 µm)



Optical microscopy

Metallic catalyst sample (thinnest wire – 3 µm)

Tomographic reconstruction

tomographic reconstruction   Optical microscopy



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