Assessment of the Structural Integrity of a Prototypical Instrumented IFMIF High Flux Test Module Rig by Fully 3D X-ray Microtomography

3-D reconstruction of the HFTM irradiation capsule

Cross-section through the X-ray microtomography reconstruction
and corresponding picture of the irradiation capsule, shown as
a CAD model

Tomographic cross-section
illustrating the gap (lack of thermal contact) between the heater coil
and the groove channel. As dimensional reference: the heater diameter of 1 mm

Tomographic reconstruction of the HFTM irradiation capsule obtained for optimum combination of the irradiation parameters
(U = 220 kV, I= 300 mA.) with enhanced magnification for detail visualization.

Illustration of the efficiency of beam hardening artifact correction method.
By applying the linearization correction of the absorption curve on the original image a substantial reduction of the artifact is obtained.
  • Geometry resolution: about 30 μm for characteristic dimension of 50 mm (guaranteed up to sample size of characteristic dimension of 100 mm)
  • Detectable features: voids of 30 μm diameter and cracks of 20 μm width
  • The absolute error of geometrical measurements is sufficient for the assessment of the structural integrity of the irradiation capsule and for the geometry description of the thermal-hydraulic modeling
  • Details are clearly visible as, for example, the heater tube (1 mm diameter) with interior tungsten wire (100 μm diameter).
  • The tomography inspection method can detect, even quantitatively, the weak heat coupling regions between the heater coil and the capsule wall.
  • Gaps of fraction of milimeter between the heater clad and the groove surface can be measured