This section presents a small part of our latest work,
in the form of posters that have been presented at different conferences and meetings:


Two-Dimensional Mapping of Coating Thicknesses on Plasma-Facing Components
Using X-ray Microbeam Transmission/Fluorescence pdf thumbnail

PSI conference - 2013

Characterization of Superconducting Wires and Cables
by X-ray Micro-Tomography pdf thumbnail

SOFT conference - 2012


Two-Dimensional Erosion Mapping of Metal Layers
Coated on Carbon Based Plasma Facing Materials pdf thumbnail

PSI conference - 2012


Nondestructive Inspection of Metal Coated/Impregnated Plasma-Facing
Composite Materials by Advanced X-ray Imaging pdf thumbnail

PRORA conference - 2011


Cone-beam Tomography Scanning of Some Medical Devices:
Carotid Stents & Heart Valves pdf thumbnail

TIB fair - 2011


Neutron Attenuator Prototype Tests
on the PF1000 Plasma Focus Neutron Generator pdf thumbnail

CPPA conference - 2013


Sparse Image Representation for JET Neutron and Gamma Tomography pdf thumbnail
SOFT conference - 2012

Reconstruction Methods for JET Neutron and Gamma Tomography pdf thumbnail


Definition of the Radiation Fields
for the JET Gamma-ray Spectrometer Diagnostics pdf thumbnail

SOFT conference - 2012


Determination of the Pellets Parameters by Image Processing Methods pdf thumbnail
SOFT conference -2010

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