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In May 2012 we were visited by 3rd and 4th grade children from an elemantary school in Bucharest. This event was organized by the ministry of education.
We wanted to make tomography look interesting to children so we scanned a Kinder Surprise Egg and then we had them guess the surprise inside of the egg, based on the tomographic reconstruction.
We also showed them some of the work we do here and they were genuinly excited.

At the end we gave each a printed leaflet with the Kinder tomography application.

pdf thumb Kinder application

X-ray tomography of kinder egg Tomography of mouse


In June 2010 we received a visit of Francesco Offeddu from Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC/UPC), Barcelona.

We worked together running 9 column experiments during three weeks. His project is about passivation of limestone in decontamination systems of acid water. Column experiments emulate the behaviour of passive treatment systems for acid mine drainage. Synthetic acidic solutions circulate through columns filled with grains of calcite, aragonite or dolomite at a constant flow rate. The columns works as an efficient barrier for some time, increasing the pH of the circulating solution to about 7 (dissolution of limestone) and removing its metal content (precipitation of metal-hydroxides).

In order to quantify variation in porosity and secondary mineral precipitation (gypsum, goethite, schwertmannite), the columns were investigated with X-ray Microtomography. The experiments were stopped cyclically every 72 hours and mCT measurements were made. Using this method of non invasive analysis, thorough studies were made in every step of the passivation of the limestone and the behaviour of the columns was recorded from the beginning of the experiment to the end . By mean of 3D reconstructions of the samples, changes in porosity have been quantifyed and we were able to also quantify and localize the metal-hydroxides that resulted in the chemical process.

Francesco sample of francesco



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