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PrizePoster prize obtained at SHIFT 2017 Conference (13th-17th)

Congratulations to our colleague Radu Daniel Avram,  poster prize winner, BIO section, at SHIFT 2017 (Spectral sHapIng For biomedical and energy applicaTions) Conference held on 13th – 17th November in Tenerife, Spain;


Latest Development - Tomo-Analytic

Combined 3-D X-Ray microtomograph and microbeam fluorescence system
Overall performances:
Spatial Resolution ≈ 20µm
Density Resolution > 1 %
Probe Dimensions:
Diameter < 40 mm
Height < 200 mm
Reconstruction time ≈ 5 min
Spatial Resolution ≈ 20µm
Thickness Resolution ≈ 2 % of total layer
Probe Dimensions: 100x100 mm2
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R&D cooperation

We are interested in cooperating with public and private reasearch and development entities, as well as industry. View the "Services" section for more information.



Our team has an overall 20 years' experience in the field, with more than 100 published papers (>40 ISI rated).
We can provide services in the field of advanced non-destructive X-ray inspection...



Our Laboratory in

    Les Bulletins Electroniques (BE) sont des publications électroniques d'information sur les avancées technologiques et scientifiques dans le monde. Les BE sont le fruit du partenariat entre l'ADIT et le Ministère
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Emission Tomography for JET Plasma Diagnosis

     At the JET Tokamak a major goal is the production and measurement of high levels of neutron emission
from d-d and d-t fusion reactions. A variety of neutron diagnostics are used independently at JET to measure both fast and thermal ion behavior.



Our Visitors

In May 2012 we were visited by 3rd and 4th grade children from an elemantary school in Bucharest...
In June 2010 we received a visit of Francesco Offeddu from Institute of Environmental Assessment and Water Research (IDAEA-CSIC/UPC), Barcelona...


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